Brand Spotlight: Captivate Holiday 2013


Our sister site PLNDR just dropped Captivate for a bargain price. These all over printsĀ  are influenced by major cities from around the globe, including Rome, Cairo, Los Angeles and more. Capturing the view of familiar landscapes, these prints are loud and vibrant in all the right ways. Brighten up your winter wardrobe with something from Captivate today.Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_ShopGuru_PLNDR_Captivate_brand_Spotlight_620_02Guru_PLNDR_Captivate_brand_Spotlight_620_03Guru_PLNDR_Captivate_brand_Spotlight_620_04Guru_PLNDR_Captivate_brand_Spotlight_620_05Guru_PLNDR_Captivate_brand_Spotlight_620_06

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