Brand Spotlight: Cloud Kicker Elevates With Their Spring 2014 Collection


Every now and then, we come across a Kazbah brand that really catches our eye. This week, it was NYC based upstart, Cloud Kicker, and one look at their new collection should tell you exactly why. Stepping away from the traditional camo print, Cloud Kicker creates a dope bubble/cloud centered print to anchor their spring line.

A long time favorite of artists such as Wiz Khalifa (they even did a collaboration together), we can definitely see Cloud Kicker having a place amongst the upper echelon of streetwear brands. Click below to check out the rest of looks and find your go to picks for the spring.



Cloud_Kicker_Spring_2014_Cloud_Camo2 Cloud_Kicker_Spring_2014_Cloud_Camo4

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