Brand Spotlight: LRG Brings The Heat Early With Their Spring 2014 Collection


LRG showcases their spring collection for the New Year bright and early. Featuring subtle prints for the transitional season, the tribal and floral prints will work nicely as we slowly shed our layers through the winter. The colorways for the collection will be perfect for the fall as well, so might as well invest in gear you can wear around year round. LRG is giving us plenty of reasons to keep our eyes on them throughout 2014.

Click below to find that one wavy addition to your wardrobe that you’ve been looking for.


Guru_LRG_Brand_Spotlight_620_08 Guru_LRG_Brand_Spotlight_620_09 Guru_LRG_Brand_Spotlight_620_10 Guru_LRG_Brand_Spotlight_620_04 Guru_LRG_Brand_Spotlight_620_05 Guru_LRG_Brand_Spotlight_620_06




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