Ashanti Reveals How Nelly Sonned 50 Cent At The Grammy Awards At The Karmaloop Studios [Breakfast Club]

Things are starting to become eerily similar to 2004 with Nelly at the NBA all-star game, Pharrell still dominating, and Ashanti on The Breakfast Club promoting a new album. As the first lady of Irv Gotti‘s legendary Murder INC. label, Ashanti has a crazy story that has rarely been heard until now.

In the height of her career, Ashanti was featured on everyone’s record because people knew how critical her presence was for a hit record. However, as she was steadily climbing the pop charts, the FBI was investigating Murder INC for alleged ties to drug trafficking, money laundering and gang affiliations. You usually get that combination very often. During this interview, she gives us glimpses of how things were during that period with Ja an Irv and how she navigated the rocky waters throughout the years.

As always, Charlemagne couldn’t help himself, and despite Ashanti’s mother being in attendance, made her answer about 1034 questions about her relationship with Nelly, including details about the first time they had sex. Though Ashanti doesn’t admit that the two are dating again, she definitely doesn’t deny it. Click play to watch Ashanti laugh through the whole ordeal and get the story on how Nelly sonned 50 Cent at the Grammy Awards one year. 

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