[Breakfast Club] Basketball Legend Magic Johnson Comes Through The Karmaloop Studio

The Breakfast Club has had some high profile guests before, but it’s not every morning that a NBA legend, business mogul, philanthropist, and activist stops by. Given the esteem of their guest, the show was a little classier than normal as Magic discussed being a DJ in college, if he’s the GOAT, getting high on life (really), and a host of other topics.

The highlight of the interview is Magic reminiscing over his rivalries with Isaiah Thomas and Larry Bird.┬áIf you haven’t seen highlights from those legendary 80s games and consider yourself an NBA fan, check yourself and get on that. Magic goes on to talk about how today’s ballers would handle the more physical style of the 80s (he thinks KG and Kobe could hang, but notable omits LeBron), saying that today’s game is way too friendly. We feel you, Magic. Back in the day, if you wanted to come through the paint, you would get faded, Action Bronson style.

Which side of the legendary rivalry are you on?



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