[Breakfast Club] Maino Comes Through The Karmaloop Studio Wearing A Crown

The self-proclaimed King of Brooklyn came on The Breakfast Club earlier this week to promote his new mixtape, expound on the state of New York hip-hop, explain why he isn’t selling his music through iTunes, and much more. There are some pretty hilarious moments and stories shared, like of why he put a photo of Trinidad James‘¬†watch on his Instagram. The two have well-known beef, and as he says, he just heard about where it was and was “trying to help” Trinidad find it. We’re sure Trinidad really appreciated the help.

Despite the funny moments, this appearance wasn’t a good look for Maino. He’s wearing a crown, but it’s not a joke and makes him look like a cornball. He needs to chill on being “the king”. He says he doesn’t rap about the streets because you don’t need to wear everything on your sleeve and that when you’re “secure on your manhood, you don’t need to wear extra.” Says the dude wearing a crown! A truly great moment of visual irony.

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