[Breakfast Club] Mariah Carey Gets Loopy In The Karmaloop Studio

Mariah Carey, one of the most accomplished and best-selling artists in the world, stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss her experience on American Idol, why she hasn’t heard “Drunk In Love” yet, and her strange marriage with Nick Cannon. The whole thing is pretty hilarious, as she forced the hosts to drink champagne and eat chocolate with her while a makeup crew would come in from time to time to touch up her hair and face. She even brought in her own lighting crew, taking diva to a whole new level.

Throughout the show, she seems a little…off. She keeps floating away from the mic, ignoring questions, and laughing at inappropriate times. There were some other strange moments, like when she requested that the hosts to congratulate her on having kids. In her own words, “I’m really oblivious to most things I say.” Maybe it was all the champagne?

Also, though not in the video above, rumor has it that when one caller asked her a question about Nicki Minaj, she responded with a simple, “who?” Oh boy.

Are you ready to spice up your Valentine’s Day?



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