[Breakfast Club] Pharrell Calls Into The Karmaloop Studio

It’s difficult to articulate how completely¬†Pharrell has been dominating the game the last year. The #1 and #2 song of the summer, the current #1 song and album, showing¬†he can still murder a beat, four Grammys, an Oscar nomination, and shutting down the NBA All-Star game start to give you an idea. With all that on his heels, he called into The Breakfast Club to discuss how women run the world, growing up on A Tribe Called Quest, and how he is a vampire.

What’s striking about the interview is how well-spoken and collected Pharrell is. He’s got a smooth answer for everything. He speaks eloquently about everything from the pay gap between men and women to his ridiculous hat. And to top it all off, he lays down the most genuine and thoughtful thanks to his fans right at the beginning. Can’t help but feel happy (ha) that such a good dude is on top of the game.

Stay as fresh as Pharrell with some BBC gear:


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