[Breakfast Club] Raekwon Cooks Up Breakfast In The Karmaloop Studio

The Chef himself came through the Karmaloop Studio this morning to share his fondest memories from the Golden Era, what music he listened to growing up, and elaborate on what he thinks hip-hop is missing today. He’s got an album, Fly International Luxurious Art, that he said is dropping in April, which he immediately took back right after saying. He also said it’s full of big features, with Snoop, Common, and some others he doesn’t want to divulge on the record. We’re excited to give it a listen whenever it does finally drop.

The big question is what’s up with this new Wu-Tang record that keeps getting pushed back. Apparently it’s because Raekwon won’t lay down his verses, and he clarified why. It’s about the money. Which is pretty sad; the Wu is one of the last groups we’d expect to be arguing over that stuff. Hopefully they can figure it out.

Click below to grab these and the whole Wu Tang Brand Collection:


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