[Breakfast Club] Schoolboy Q Keeps It Cool In The Karmaloop Studio

A reeeeaal laid back Schoolboy Q came through The Breakfast Club this morning to talk his new record, a potential TDE movie, why he’s always in New York, and how his grandmother gave him his first gun. His supremely mellow demeanor and slow drawl are explained right off the bat when Q lets us know that he’s at an 8. Maybe because of that the interview felt a little disjointed, jumping from topic to topic rather than going too deep on a particular subject. It’s cool though, Q is just out there doing him, unlike some rappers that seem to be trying just a little too hard.

The funniest part of the interview is Q’s incessant insistence that he needs a hit. He’s dreaming of the day when he’s pulling a Mariah Carey, walking into the studio with four security guards and his own lighting rig. He thinks he’s got a few on Oxymoron, which comes out on Sunday. Our bet is the joint with Pharrell, who hasn’t been off the radio for a solid 9 months now.

Don’t want people to know about the sesh you were just in before class? Take a hit from Q and cop some shades.


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