[Breakfast Club] Toni Braxton and Babyface Stop By The Karmaloop Studio

R&B legends Toni Braxton and Babyface came through the Karmaloop Studio this morning to talk their new album, strip clubs, and bankruptcy on The Breakfast Club. The last few years have been rough for Braxton; she’s declared bankruptcy twice, retired and un-retired from making music, got lupus, and has been doing the reality TV thing. It looks like she may be turning things around by teaming up with legendary producer Babyface to make a new album which seems to reflect her struggles the last few years, Love, Marriage, and Divorce.

Determined not to let the guests be the spotlight of the show, Charlemagne came through with some truly ridiculous comments. He let Braxton know she’s “vintage vagina,” asked her if she knows how to surfboard, and asking Babyface how he could possibly “keep his hands to himself” while working with Braxton. Charlemagne just doesn’t know when to turn down. Click play to catch all the inappropriate advances and fuckery in full form.


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