Rick Ross Explains What He Plans To Do With His New 100 Room Mansion At The Karmaloop Studio [Breakfast Cub]

Never one to break character, Rick Ross hit the Breakfast Club with the bravado of a hundred Tony Montanas this morning. On a rigorous promotion run for his new album Mastermind, Rozay gave us the scoop on his burgeoning Wing Stop franchises, how many Ferraris he has and how Diddy has helped him in the latest stage of his career.

The highlight of the interview comes when Ross explains why and how he bought Evander Holyfield‘s old mansion in Atlanta and what he plans to do with the 100 rooms that come with it. Though we weren’t exactly sure what he meant, it looks like he is going to be opening up the house as a charity endeavor and having young kids to come through and hang with the bawse. We can only imagine what that would be like, but for now we’re thinking a lot of chicken wings, strippers and fur coats.

Click play to hear Rozay take over with this bombastic charm, calling people donkeys and claiming how can’t find the keys to his Ferraris. Damn!

If Rozay’s shades have you feeling some type of way, click below to find a pair for yourself. 


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