[Breakfast Club] YG and DJ Mustard Keep It Gangster In The Karmaloop Studio

YG and his producer DJ Mustard came through the Karmaloop Studio this morning to discuss the finer points of putting videos of doing donuts in a Porsche on Worldstar, why YG’s girlfriend is in jail, and why Snoop told them they’re the new Dre/Snoop. The duo has really come up recently, with YG’s “My Nigga” becoming ubiquitous and DJ Mustard’s beat signature (mustard on the beat, ho!) at the beginning of half of the songs on the radio. Combined with Kendrick and TDE‘s recent climb, Compton is really doing work right now.

What really comes through in this interview is that YG is a man of the streets. He was negotiating his signing while in jail for robbing houses and is still pulling up to the block, because as he says, he’s “addicted to it.” Sounds crazy enough. Check it out.

There ain’t nothing like a gangster party. And there ain’t nothing like show up in some DIPSET USA to any party. 


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