BREAKING: Nike X Google Introduces Revolutionary New Foamposite

Stay icy.

If you’ve ever left the house wearing your crispy new kicks and then it starts raining and then your new joints are cased and then your socks are all gross and wet and then your feet stink for the rest of the day after they dry?!?! That’s the fucking worst, B!!!

Nike has teamed up with Google Weather to create a solution to that common problem. The Weatherman™ foamposite sneakers combine the perfect fit of your everyday foamposite with a built-in WiFi / 4G live-streaming weather app.

Never get caught in the rain again

Bad weather ruining fly kicks is now officially a thing of the past,” said Nike spokesperson Brianna Belsinki. “We’re also continuing our partnership with Google to bring the world even more elegant open-source sneaker solutions.”

For people living in hurricane and tornado-stricken regions, Nike x Google Weather are also getting ready to release their Thermal Red™ collection as an effort to help locals with their early warning system. With a tornado warning siren in each pair, some sneaker experts/meteroligists have criticized this new feature as “intrusive, obnoxious, and just plain silly.”

These kicks will come in handy especially while wearing a pair of our illest socks.

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