Bun B Keeps It Hella Trill On The Breakfast Club

The originator of Trill, better known as Bun B, stopped by to break bread with The Breakfast Club today. Describing himself as a “renaissance man,” Bun goes onto eloquently break down why he is so well loved and respected in the constantly changing hip hop world.

Bun begins by explaining his mindset and how he has maintained to “get younger” over the years by embracing new artists and always working to stay relevant. The highlight of the interview is when he recalls how he hung up on Jay Z the first time Hov called about the “Big Pimpin'” collaboration. He goes on to discuss how UGK was first formed, getting embraced by New York rappers, and doing a song with 50 Cent.

Yeah, this whole interview is 45 minutes long, but if you are looking to learn something, we advise you sit through the whole thing.

Stay trill. 



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