Do Busta Rhymes And Eminem Have The New Anthem For The Summer?


Well, this is epic. When two of rap’s biggest heroes come together on the same track, you can only expect something larger than life. Though we haven’t heard any new music from [emuze]Busta Rhymes[/emuze] in a minute, he’s back with this new joint with none other than Mr. Mathers, aka [emuze]Eminem[/emuze].

With producer [emuze]Scoop Deville[/emuze] flipping the same horns from House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” Em and Busta do what they do best, with the former spitting vicious bars that slice through like a ginsu, and the later doing his best maniac impression, bouncing off the beat like a pinball. “Calm Down”? We think not.

Clocking in at 6 minutes, this is for EVERYONE who keeps saying that “hip-hop is dead.” Uh, nope. Listen for yourself:

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