Cam’ron Almost Gets Robbed By Goons In London But Escapes Just In Time


Robbing [emuze]Cam’ron[/emuze] ain’t as easy you thought, playboy. Late last week, Cam and his team were across the pond for a show and Londontown for readily waiting for the Dipset General to arrive. See, what many of us fortunate folks living in the states forget is that people overseas don’t have the same luxury we do to see our favorite artists in intimate venues multiple times a year, so when someone like Cam touches down, you better believe the people get ready.

The only problem was, Cam’ron never played the show. Was he actually in London? Yes. What he at the venue? Yes. Then what could’ve possible gone wrong?

Well, according to Cam’s Instagram, it seems like he felt like he was being set up by some British goons at the venue and calmly dipped before things got out of hand. For that those don’t know, Dipset and some gangsters had some epic beef in the mid-2000s and it seems like that never really got settled. Cam seems to have got the drop on the news before showing up on stage, and managed to dip out the back before things got ugly. Wild. Are y’all buying this story or do you think there was something else to it?

Are you really thinking about going through the summer with no new Dipset gear? You crazy, b. 



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