Cam’ron Gives Us The Breakdown On How He Made It On New Freestyle

If you are a fan of Cam, you know there is never a dull moment with him. Whether it be showing off his girlfriend Juju on Instagram, or releasing a new line of capes (yes, you read that right), Cam stays working.

In his latest venture, he plays Repo Man on Drake’s We Made It and adds his signature uptown flavor to it. Now we’re not sure if we heard it right, but did he give props to arch nemesis, Jay Z, on this one?! Cam also goes onto to talk about his meetings wit Mark McNairy, which leads us to assume that those capes might actually hit the streets soon.  Capes in hip-hop? Man, things done changed.

Now without giving too much away, we have a little something special with Killa coming and we are pretty sure it’s gonna break the internet. What can we say, except…DIPSET!

You rocking pink, doggy?



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