Cam’ron Vs. The People: Cam Responds To Youtube Comments On His Latest Video

This is a moment we have all been waiting for: [emuze]Cam’ron[/emuze] unchained. Sitting down with the folks over at Noisey to respond to Youtube commenters (yes, those guys) on his latest video Dipshits, Cam shows us why he has been one of the funniest cats in the game since he sat down to verbal joust with Bill O’Reilly.

Cam starts off by giving us the proper breakdown on when is appropriate to wear a cape and why one must not overdue the royalty. He goes on to give his thoughts on gentrification (which are kinda genius, actually), the hip hop game and his general feeling on Youtube commentators. And don’t skip around because then you’ll miss Cam’s thoughts on if he’s happy about how far “No Homo” has gone in popular culture. Crying. If there’s anyway you can keep a straight face through this, you deserve a medal.

Don’t be a dipshit. Get laced in DIPSET USA Clothing today, fam.


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