The New Weeknd Album Kiss Land Leaks Just In Time For Cuffing Season


If there’s anything we hate more than summer ending, it’s our summer flings¬†ending. There’s nothing quite like the pure bliss of unattached, carefree, summer lo–ahem–lust. As fall’s windy fingers creep in, we turn into more dormant creatures. Our priorities shift. We now choose to lock down a single, consistent, dependable partner, a phenomenon often referred to as “Cuffing Season.”

Love him or hate him, The Weeknd makes some pretty incredible Cuffing Season music. Since storming onto the scene in 2011, he’s released a slew of high-quality mixtapes, culminating in his 2012 album, The Trilogy. After a quiet first half of 2013, he started turning it up last month by dropping a new song every week on his SoundCloud. That climaxed last week when he leaked the Drake-assisted smash, “Live For.”

A couple days ago, a streaming version of his new album, Kiss Land, leaked. Off the first few listens, the tracks that jumped out to us were “The Town”, “Pretty”, and the Pharrell’s Remix of “Wanderlust”. Check out the album for yourself, HERE.

[Update]: The Weekend liberated this commercial for his album minutes ago on Twitter.  Cuffing Season, here we come!


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