Cee Lo Green Beats Sexual Assault Charges And Goes Straight To The Breakfast Club

The Almighty Cee Lo Green beat his sexual assault case and immediately swung through The Breakfast Club to update the world on what he’s been up to. Green was visibly somber, a.k.a sleepy, for much of the interview, but still managed to drop some jewels along the way.

If you remember, Cee Lo recently called out Andre 3000, saying he has severe stage fright and is scared to release music. Of course, Charlemagne was the first one to bring this up and get Cee’s clarification on the matter. From what we could gather, Andre 3000 was definitely pissed off, but you can judge for yourself. Green also speaks on his experiences as a guest judge on The Voice, if he wants to get a permanent tattoo on his head, and the expectations for his reality show with the Goodie Mob.

Get more wisdom from Cee Lo Green and catch Part 2 below:

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