Check Out How Opening Day Of The New Diamond Supply Store In San Francisco Went Down


Ah, the Diamond Life. As Diamond Supply continues to keep expanding, it’s only right that they opened a new retail store in the Haight Street section of San Francisco this past weekend. Pulling up in his Rolls Royce, Nicky Diamonds and the rest of the Diamond crew had a smash opening day, attracting damn near everyone from streetwear enthusiasts, skaters to ballers.

Scroll through the photos from the day and click below to check the new Diamond Supply drops on Karmaloop.


Diamond-Supply-Co-San-Francisco-Flagship-Store-Grand-Opening-Event-Recap-04-570x380  Diamond-Supply-Co-San-Francisco-Flagship-Store-Grand-Opening-Event-Recap-08-570x380 Diamond-Supply-Co-San-Francisco-Flagship-Store-Grand-Opening-Event-Recap-22

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