So, Childish Gambino Dissed A LOT of Rappers On Stage Last Night

Trust us, we get it. Hubris is an essential part of the rap game and everybody thinks they’re the best. Hell, even [emuze]LL Cool J[/emuze] thought he was the “greatest of all time”. No offense, LL but that was a little premature. Well, the latest victim of excessive pride is everyone’s favorite actor/rapper of the moment, [emuze]Childish Gambino[/emuze].

On tour in Australia, Donald Glover found himself in the middle of a freestyle in front of a packed crowd and launched into this tirade:

“I’m the best rapper, definitely Top 5. If these other rappers think they’re, they’re fucking not alive. I cut their head off, that’s every rapper living. That’s Kendrick, that’s [emuze]Drake[/emuze], that’s Schoolboy, that’s everyone. I don’t give a f*ck. I’ll f*cking kill you n*ggas. I’ll f*cking kill you n*ggas.”

Like we said, we get it, but this was too much. We don’t think there’s any one seeing Kendrick lyrically right now, sorry Donald. We don’t think there’s any one making better music overall than Drake, sorry Donald. Does Childish have some really good records? Hell yeah, but everyone has a lane and it’s clear to see that he is trying to swerve out of his, probably in an effort to gain more fans and a few headlines.

What do y’all think? Is [emuze]Childish Gambino[/emuze] wyling out or is he closer than most people think?

Heard that new banger from The Weeknd yet?


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  1. John R

    July 29, 2014 at 11:57 am

    I stopped reading at “We don’t think there’s any one making better music overall than Drake”.

    Was that supposed to be sarcasm?

  2. Mimi

    August 2, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    So there’s a difference between good music that is a trend and good lyrics. Drake was ok in the beginning. Then as everyone he became commercial. Kendrick tries to hard to be compelling again falling back into the trendy thing. Childish was fine until he let folks tell him what he’s not. All in all he’s multitalented he doesn’t even need to rap. Sadly people get sucked into things. I’m a fan of his. I Think he needs to remember real fans are better than followers. I’m still a nas listener. Mobb deep. Childish is something for my time I relate to he can’t get too trendy his weirdness won’t allow him. Stand your own not a part of. But wait that’s the only way you make money today. Today artist who are great don’t have the trendy songs everyone knows. I got his back because trendy ish doesn’t last for so long and I can play his songs and still feel the same way I felt when I first heard it.

  3. Kyle

    August 4, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    In complete honesty, he wasn’t out of his lane at all. In comparison to Childish Gambino, Drake is not a better rapper than him. If he stays on the rate that he is on right now with Because The Internet being his lead, the world needs to understand his talent. I am a Gambino fan and that’s because I’ve listened to him since his first mixtapes came out, surprisingly I did the same with Drake. It depends on what you consider to be a rapper because if you’re looking for it as an art and special skill then that would definitely go to CG, but if you’re looking for ride alongs and emotional connection then I believe that would go to Drake. CG seems deeper than Drake and pretty close to Kendrick because he truly has rapping skill. In my opinion, he’s definitely top five, and I’m thinking that Drake and Kendrick would be up there too. Let CG get the publicity and the fans that he deserves and then people will really getting the thinking.

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