Childish Gambino Gets Through His Power 105.1 Interview Without Crying

A visibly confused Childish Gambino (or is it, Donald Glover) hit up The Breakfast Club today to talk to the gang about life, acting and music. We couldn’t help but notice a host of similarities between this interview and Drake’s recent interview with Q Music in Canada. If we had to describe it in one word: emotional.

The highlight of the interview is Charlemagne confronting about Mr. Glover about his comments towards Lupe Fiasco on Twitter (saying he would slap him on sight), and if he really would. You can probably guess the answer on that one. He goes on to answer who he would rather be (between Michael Jackson or Prince), why he doesn’t do more stand up comedy, and how he got his name from an online WU-Tang Name Generator. Watch the rest of the interview to see what the names the Generator came up for DJ Envy, Charlemagne, and Angela.

One of things we noticed was how Charlemagne mentioned that he is reading Marc Ecko’s book, Unlabeledwhich we can only imagine happened after Mr. Ecko’s inspiring interview last week. Check it out below if you missed it:

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