Ever Wonder What NYC Subways Were Like In The ’80s? Christopher Morris Shows Us What We Missed


We always hear stories about how wild New York City was in the 1980s. From how Times Square was basically a red light district to how you could get robbed at any time of day. And then there are the subways.

During an era when graffiti and street art was exploding as a cultural phenomenon, the subways never stood a chance. They became a literal canvas for anyone with a spray can and a tag, becoming a go-to for some of the most notorious artists of all time including Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and many more.

Today, TIME Magazine releases these incredible photos from award winning photojournalist, Christopher Morris, who originally took these photos as an intern in NYC, and we’re so glad they did. These are crazy. Look closely and you will see some famous tags, including a chalk drawing from Keith Haring which could easily fetch a couple hundred thousand dollars in today’s market.

christophermorris_nyc_15 christophermorris_nyc_12 christophermorris_nyc_10 christophermorris_nyc_09 christophermorris_nyc_06 christophermorris_nyc_05 christophermorris_nyc_04 christophermorris_nyc_03 christophermorris_nyc_02

Images via Juxtapoz Magazine.

If these photos got you itching to see more, don’t wait a minute and pick up the Wild Style photobook below, full of unreleased, unadulterated, photos from the good ole’ days. Karmaloop-Guru_Shop-Graffiti



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