Chuck Inglish Drops The Top On His Debut Solo Album, Convertibles


Chuck Inglish. The man nearly single handedly responsible for creating a new genre of rap in the mid-2000s and having countless people bite his style since then. You see, rap was changed forever after The Cool Kids hit the scene back in ’07, bringing the now popular “all retro everything” flavor to the forefront. Except unlike some of today’s players, Chuck and Mikey Rocks weren’t faking any thing, and came to the party with real vintage gear, Jordans and Cazal frames like it was ’88 again.

Fast forward to now, and the Cool Kids have been on a hiatus for a few years now. With both Chuck and Mikey producing material independently, we’ve been to see a wider scope of sounds and flows in their solo ventures. Having produced for everyone from Kid Cudi to Mac Miller, Chuck finally decides to give the world a solo album for the very first time ever. With features from Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, Vic Mensa and more, this brings back the raucous boom bap that we’ve grown to love from Chuck, blending in a whole host of synths and effects we thought we’d never hear in hip hop. Do your ears a favor and click play:

One of our favorite collabs was linking with Chuck on his mixtape Droptops. Check out the behind the scenes from how our t-shirt collaboration went down. 

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