Chukkas…What Are Those Again? [STYLE GUIDE]

How many times have you left the house unsure whether you wanted to wear sneakers or boots, and ended up choosing the wrong one? There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a downpour in a pair of new Jordans. Well, lucky for you, we’re here to solve that problem once and for all.

Chukkas are the perfect shoe–in-between a sneaker and boot, they emulate the midsole and toebox of the former and the ankle support of the later. More importantly, they’re durable as hell and make for the perfect companion during the unpredictable fall months. We rounded up the crispiest Chukkas we could find and put them in one place for you. Check them below.

1. Vans – The Mesa 79 Chukka

A leather, two-toned shoe from Vans under $60? You have to be criminally insane not to add this one to your cart. The waxed canvas adds a nice touch, too. A definitely cop.

2. Vans – The Nordic Chukka 79

Not everyone is going to be able to pull off the nordic print on the sides here, but you just might able to. A nice, subdued colorway makes it perfect for fall layering; throw on a cardigan or cotton sweater to complete the look.

3. Clarks Originals – Tanner Mid Chukka

With an all-suede exterior and heavily-padded leather insides, these kicks are like a luxury vehicle. You know what you are getting from Clarks every time, as they have one of the best brand reputations in the game.

4. J Shoes – The Realm Chukka

The splash of coral blue really adds personality to these joints. They’re meant for more formal wear, but they’ll still look nice and crispy when paired with the right pair of jeans. Suede and leather uppers, coupled with some funky shoe laces and you will safely be in your own lane with these.

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