Angry Five-Year-Old Makes Better Beats Than You Ever Will

Holy shit. This is one of the illest, creepiest, most fascinating things we’ve seen all week. Not only does this toddler play complex beats 100% in time, his drum fills are amazing, he plays snare rolls on a keyboard like it’s nothing, his sound selection is on point, and his non-sensical vocals are the greatest thing we’ve ever heard. The words don’t need to make sense, baby, as long as they flow.

What takes this video over the top is that dead-pan, mean-mug look he keeps giving into the camera, perfectly juxtaposed with the laughing cameraman. There are just so many questions. Why is this kid not smiling back? Why is he so angry?

He looks like he’s thinking, “Yeah, bitch, I’m talented as fuck, I’m the next RZA, muthafucka, and I hate my life only a little bit less than I hate y’all.”

Mean Mug

This little child is our new hero. Watch out, Major Lazer. Watch out, Death Gripz. Watch out, Nicki Minaj. Baby’s about to take over.


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