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Come Through Stompin’: Palladium Boots [STYLE GUIDE]


Going through the winter without the right pair of boots is just asking for trouble. People automatically assume that since it’s shitty outside, that your outfits have to look the same. Well, if you’re like us, you believe in getting fly, regardless of the elements.

Palladium has been a strong force in the footwear game for a while now, largely due to the fact that everything they put out is straight dope, from the designs to the colorways. It probably doesn’t hurt that Pharrell was the face of their last campaign, either. This winter, they have us ready to fork over our remaining holiday cash to get a hand on some of these beauties.

Check out some of our favorites from Palladium’se winter collection and find the one that speaks to you. 

 1. The Palladium x Billionaire Boys Club Pampa Hi



This might be one of the cleanest boots we’ve seen a long time. No BS.

2. The Baggy Leather Boot in Chocolate



Kick winter’s ass today with these rugged joints.

3. The Pampa Tactical Boot in Navy & Black




These seem fit for a Navy SEAL, so we’re pretty sure they will hold you down.

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