Complete Your Cart: 5 Items To Add To Get That Full Discount On Karmaloop


Trust us, we know that feeling. You’ve just spent the last 40 minutes scrolling through hundreds of products, stressing over the sizing, colors, and price, and you’re still short a couple dollars of that major discount. Womp. Do you simply add an extra item or do you drop an existing one and buy something more expensive? Or maybe you should get those Timberland boots after all. You know what, maybe you don’t need any of these things and you should close out of your browser ASAP.

Relax, we got you.

When it comes to adding that extra little item, it always has to make sense. Is this something you’re buying just because or are you actually going to use it? Considering how many times we’ve dealt with this problem (as well as all the unnecessary trinkets we’ve accumulated at the GURU office), we’re pretty much experts at the last-minute-cart-addition. Kick back, and scroll through to find out what you need to Complete Your Cart.

1. FLUD Pantone Watch in Cheetah

Yup, FLUD is back. A super clean, cocaine-white watch with a head-turning cheetah face for the winter months. Maximizing style and function for under $20, there is literally no way you can go wrong.


2. Wu-Tang Jersey Snapback 

Wu Tang forever, right? Rep it the right way with this crispy, color blocked kelly green snapback from the WU.


3. Rocksmith Lighter Holder

You ALWAYS forget your lighter. Why not make your life easier? This is the perfect item if you’re short a couple bucks on that discount and it’s actually dope.


4. Diplo’s 128 Beats Per Minute Book

You’re a fan of the music, now finally learn about what makes Diplo tick. This book is full of over 200 pages of lush pictures, quotes and knowledge and includes a foreword by Alexander Wang. Word.


5. Upstate Stock Fingerless Rag Gloves

Remember all those times when your hands are freezing, but you really need to send that text? That is exactly why you really need these joints. We’ll just leave it at that.


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