The Controllerist: Daedelus Performs An Exclusive DJ Set In Our Space Chamber

The current renaissance of electronic music has a lot of facets, and one of the most fascinating is LA’s beat scene, a vast movement of producers who came up on equal parts hip hop and electronic music, channeling their influences through the tactile tools of the trade. Daedelus is an influencer at the head of this movement. Arising through seminal labels like Plug Research, Mush Records, and Ninja Tune, his abstract take on sampling production led the way for artists like Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder cohorts.

One of Daedelus’ most distinct traits (aside from his consistently fly formal wardrobe) is his live performance set up, an arsenal of Monomes. Every grid-based MIDI controller in the world borrows from the Monome, and creating live with it is an art unto itself. Daedelus is the absolute master of this craft. In the first episode of our new show The Controllerist, Daedelus performs an exclusive live DJ set synced to the mind-bending visuals of Beeple.

In conjunction with our new show, we’re running a remix contest for his new track “Tiptoes.” If you’ve got the production chops, click here to download the sample pack and remix for a chance to win a QuNeo MIDI controller courtesy of our friends at Keith MacMillan instruments. Click here to enter.

Download the new Daedelus album, Drown Out, here. Out now on Anticon

Daedelus is performing live tonight in LA with Nosaj Thing, Low Limit, and Astronautica. Grab tickets here

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