Converse Skateboarding Presents: Trocadéro Days

What do you get when you mix dope skaters, an off day in Paris and a couple pieces of wood? The answer would be: Trocadero Days, a short film featuring Pontus Al and the rest of the Converse Skate Team. Reintroducing the black and grey visual aesthetic that was popular with skateboarding films in the 1980s, this is some seriously fly work.

Watch as Alv and the gang roll around Paris (the Trocadero section, to be exact), and set up impromptu skate ramps to get it poppin’. The highlights for us were the wall ride over three people(!), the kickflip over the crosswalk and the smiley vs. frowny-faced ramps. Watch the video above to check out the rest of the moments.

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