Converse Releases Paint-Covered Shoes That Gain Color As It Chips Away

These Converse x Maison Martin Margiela shoes are dumb poetic. They’re like the sneakerhead’s Holden Caulfield. Imagine it’s your first day back at school. You’re sitting in first period English, barely able to stay awake. The teacher decides to team you up with the awkard new kid for a group project. At first it’s painful, but as you get to know him, you learn he’s a badass indy-filmmaker which is sick cuz’ you love you some movies. Soon you become best of friends and you’re kicking it every day and your old friends think you’re crazy but you don’t care. These sneakers are exactly the same: All White Gang On first glance, you may think these jumps are just a normal pair of white Chucks–no personality and boring as hell. Detail But as you put these bitches through normal wear and tear, the white exterior begins to crack and fall off, showing the shoe’s true colors. Crazy. Pretty neat. Don’t eat the paint chips. Converse


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