Cozy Crewnecks Part 2: Guys And Girls, Come On In! [STYLE GUIDE]


We don’t have to tell you why crewnecks are the shit. When it comes to combining style and comfort, nothing does it better. Whether you are into layering up, and wearing them under a vest or jacket or letting them stand alone, a sweatshirt can say a lot about your style and personality.

The best thing bout crews is, they aren’t really gender specific. Female celebrities such as Rihanna, Karrueche, and Lily Allen are often seen wearing baggy crews along with a pair of Jordans or Chucks, completing the sexy tomboy look. And for the fellas, you already know how cozy you feel in these, so there’s nothing more to say.

Check out these 4 cozy crewnecks for the holiday season.

1. LRG Metric Crewneck

This sweatshirt from LRG definitely isn’t your average fare, but who wants to be just average? Featuring a cropped look and a throwback-style pixelated graphic, anybody wearing this guaranteed to gain a few admirers.


2. Crooks and Castles Lay ’em Down Crewneck

No winter can be complete without out some camo, and you might as well do it with the best in the biz. This crew from Crooks combines the classic bubble camo pattern with an army style graphic on the front. Get down or lay down.


3. Staple Stirling Crewneck

Who said ladies can’t down with some camo, too? Staple brings us this rare, leaf camo based crew with their signature pigeon on the front. For that don’t know, the logo is modeled after the notorious NYC street pigeon, and symbolizes survival and resilience. Pretty cool.


4. BBC Helmet Crewneck

Guess who back? Keeping it classic and innovative at the same time, BBC continues to run the streetwear game. Their astronaut logo is iconic across the world and continues to be spotted in some of our favorite rap videos. For some reason we can’t figure out, this sweatshirt is currently 30% off for Black Friday, so stop reading and click below!


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