Cozy Crewnecks: Springtime Edition [STYLE GUIDE]


Ah, crewneck weather. There’s a reason why you see that phrase pop up on Twitter so often, it’s because people love feeling cozy! As winter transitions to spring, there’s literally nothing better than having a few crewnecks on deck. Luckily, you won’t have to be layering up with multiple jackets, vests and outer garments any more, as it seems like those days are behind us.

We scoured the vast world of Karmaloop to find what we thought were the freshest looks for this spring. Spring fashion is different from the fall, because your colors needs to be a bit brighter, patterns needs to be bolder and you gotta be looking like you really about to be poppin’. After all, we coming out of hibernation, yo!

Scroll through our picks and see which ones you’re feeling. With crews from Obey, Rocksmith, Rook, Black Scale and Finally Famous, we’re pretty sure you won’t be walking away empty handed. Get cozy.

1. Rook The Game Sweatshirt in Black & White


The Versace-themed sleeves really set this one off.

2. RockSmith The Ninja Star Sweatshirt in Black



The contrast sleeve on this one is what adds the finesse you need it for the spring.

3. Obey The Seagull Crewneck in Navy


Seagulls, bro. How are you not gonna love seagulls?

4. Black Scale The Equestre Crewneck in BlackKarmaloop-KLX-Black-Scale

Chains on chains on chains. Get with it.

5.  Aura Gold The Flat Back 88 Sweatshirt in Black


Big Sean’s clothing is finally out. And it’s clean.

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