Crooks And Castles Links Up With Futura For A Trippy Summer Journey

If you are one of those people talking about how “washed up” you think Crooks and Castles is, then we have be prepared to have to swallow your words. Linking up with the famed street artist Futura for their new “LEWDS” collection, Crooks is out to prove why they have no plans of falling off any time soon.

Dedicated to “Lewds” Natalio, the late Marketing Director of Crooks, this collection contains some refreshed versions of Crooks’ signature tees, sweatshirts and bucket hats. Considering Futura is at the helm of this collab, we have no doubts that it will be the dopest thing out since the dunks he put out in the early 2000’s.

Click play above and get ready for this collection to drop next week. If you are the impatient type (we hear ya), then click below and get your Crooks & Castles fix on Karmaloop today.Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brand

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