Danny Brown, Freestyle God, Destroys Sway In The Morning [GURU Bootleg]

These are all real, I promise.

So Danny Brown was just on Sway in the Morning. The homie Sway put out the call: “Show ’em what a true MC does for me!” And boy did Danny deliver. Straight off the dome, too. You can tell this dude on some other level because his eyes keep rolling back in his head while he’s rhyming. Next time you see an MC “freestyle,” watch his/her eyes. If it looks like they are being possessed by the pissed off ghost of Biggy, they are indeed a true MC.

You know what we had to do. GURU Bootleg strikes again!

Remember when we interviewed Danny Brown on myriad topics such as taking a piss before getting on stage? Us neither, that was a wild night. 

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