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We Dare You To Look Away From Nicki Minaj’s New Video

*wipes drool from mouth*

Uh, yeah so Nicki Minaj put a new video out and you should watch it? Though this won’t be sung at too many suburban high schools, we can all agree that Nicki actually blacked out on this beat. When she posted a teaser photo on Instagram last week, decked out in Versace and Balmain, we knew there was something big to come, we just had no idea it would be like this.

In the video, Nicki keeps it simple with only two props: a chair and a machine gun. The visual was tastefully done by none other than Nabil, the go to guy for Kanye West, Baauer and many more. If you haven’t seen his short film for the Just Blaze x Baauer song, Higher, we highly recommend it.

Anyway, we are getting tired of writing and would prefer to just watch the video again if that’s ok. Cool? Cool.

Does this video have you itching to go out and flex on a scrub at the bar? Make sure you get your look right at MissKL. 



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