Deniro Farrar And Denzel Curry Hit SXSW For More Than Just Shows And Booze [New Video]

While most cats were out at SXSW partying and chasing girls, Deniro Farrar and Denzel Curry were putting in work. Despite only being out there for a few days, they managed to shoot a vid off their collaborative banger, “Bow Down” and it is slapping.

We had the chance to catch both these dudes perform at the A3C Festival Showcase and they actually tore the house down. It probably helped that it was on a wavy rooftop with mad heads in attendance, but that doesn’t take away from the energy and passion that these two cats showed when performing this.

Look forward to a little something we have with Deniro coming soon and keep an eye for both these cats as they bring a new level of hunger to the game. Bow down!

Check out our latest episode of the Gitoo Show which we shot while down in Austin for SXSW. If you don’t laugh at this, you need help!

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