Diamond Supply Blows Our Mind With These Rain Fog Camo Boots


What. Is. This. We’ve been waiting on someone to reinvent camo print for a long time now, and Diamond Supply just might be onto something. Introducing the “Rain Fog”, this wacky print is like a blend between Bape’s bubble and the more traditional rain camo and we are feeling it.

We featured the black version of these a few months ago, and we can’t wait until these hit the shelves. Pair these with a crisp pair of khaki’s or raw denim and you’ll be good for the day. Just do the world a favor and don’t wear camo pants with these on.

Click below to shine bright like a Diamond. No Rihanna. 

Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_Shopdiamond-supply-co-gi-boot-rain-fog-camo-3 diamond-supply-co-gi-boot-rain-fog-camo-2


Images via Hypebeast.

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