Dickies Built to Work: Making Custom Motorcycles from Scratch in Brooklyn

Tim Harney has been building motorcycles from scratch in his Bushwick garage for the better part of 10 years.  While many motorcycle builders specialize in particular brands, Harney will disassemble, reassemble, and modify anything- with special attention paid to his own unique stripped-down aesthetic.  His rarest bike?  “I worked on a post-World War 2 Minsk.  It’s a 2-stroke made by a weapons manufacturer.  I had to get a new title for it from a company that builds surface to air missiles and anti-aircraft guns now.  I guess you could say the bike is still a rocket though,” jokes Tim.


The diversity of Brooklyn is evident in his clientele- everyone from “Wall Street types to thug life Bushwick wheelie gang guys.” He also works with local kids through his company Worth Motorcycles, teaching them useful skills through building and modifying bikes.  Of course, the biggest thrill of all is still the speed.  Tim recalls the fastest he’s gone, “I modified and built up a Honda 954 and took it up to 187 mph.  It was epic.”  Watch our mini-documentary with Dickies to see Brooklyn’s own motorcycle master.

For more about Tim Harney’s work, check out his non-profit Worth Motorcycles’ website here.

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