Diddy Launches Revolt, Hits The Breakfast Club To Break It All Down

The man of the hour, Diddy, came through The Breakfast Club yesterday to tell us all about the launch of his new TV channel, RevoltTV. He started off the interview by stating this is a “Puff Daddy moment…” so you know he wasn’t playing around.

Diddy speaks on the goals he has by launching Revolt, how he expects the first couple months to go (hint: he calls it Trainwreck TV), and what he learned from watching Oprah launch her own channel. Charlemagne hops in to ask Diddy exactly how it felt when Cassie gives him footrubs and thanks him for finally employing Lil’ Twist.

Watch Part 2 to hear Diddy’s thoughts on how New York hip hop has lost its soul and what it needs to come back to center:

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