Diplo Is Okay With Being That Random White Dude Who Be Everywhere


Recently changing his Twitter name to “Blondre 3000,” Diplo is on a roll lately. With the summer in full swang, it’s only right that he should release some new music. Compiling a lot of the music he’s been leaking recently, the Major Lazer general gives us his latest offering, aptly titled, Random White Dude Be Everywhere. El oh, el.

Featuring extended remixes of previous work, as well as features from Waka Flocka , THUGLI,  Travis Porter this is over 45 minutes of non stop energy. Whether you’re throwing a backyard BBQ, a twerking festival or a house party, you can rest easy knowing that the jams you need are all on here. Click play to find out for yourself:

Did we have any thing to do with the upside-down twerking movement? Maybe…


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