Dizzee Rascal Created The Best Music Video Of The Year

You have to watch this video. Right now. The artist: Dizzee Rascal. The song: “I Don’t Need A Reason” (off his forthcoming album titled The Fifth).

First off, this beat is BANGING from around 0:00 to the end of the track. Dizzee some how manages to cross the bridge between intellectual but barely intelligible (to our American asses, anyway) British rap and that quintessentially New York #hardboy flow. He rides the beat with so much precision and swag, it can be dizzying to try and keep up. Eventually you gotta give up, let go, and just fucking bounce.



Second of all, the video is deep. We didn’t catch it on the first watch, but he’s making a statement about the excessive wastefulness and pointless pampering that marked (and, in some respect, continues to mark) the lives of the (traditionally white) British gentry. Replace all the white folk with brothers and gorgeous sisters and you got yourself a golden artistic metaphor.



Lastly, the visual effects are mindbogglingly dope. I have NO idea how they pulled off some of these visuals. Pretty much anything is possible these days with technology and computers and Cinema 4d and After Effects and a little resourcefulness but seriously. How the fuck did they make this look so real?


Or this???


Or this? It feels as if this video was created for the sole purpose of creating incredible GIFs. Matter of fact, it feels like we were created for the sole purpose of creating incredible GIFs.


However they made this video and whatever it actually means, I’m just really fuckin’ glad they made it–no lie, I’m on my 8th view. Starting to feel like this video will be the next “Gangam Style.” Then again, perhaps it’s way too dope to ever truly blow up.

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