Did Daft Punk Steal The "Get Lucky" Riff From This Korean YouTube Star?


Our homie Pharrell found himself embroiled in the middle of another song rip-off controversy, except this time the poor bastard getting ripped off is not a deceased Motown legend but rather a Korean YouTube star who is really, just really fucking good at guitar. The current accusation of unoriginality is directed at the other summer smash hit of the summer with Pharrell on it, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

Check out Zack Kim’s 2011 video below, in which he loops guitar licks to build a song that has the distinct chord progression heard roughly two years later on “Get Lucky.” And the name of the video is “Robot Dance”! Could it be that Daft Punk, fresh out of inspiration while working on their most recent effort, simply perused YouTube looking for robot-esque riffs that they could rip off?

Anyone would expect this sort of general crappiness from producers of the hip hop world, but we thought Daft Punk was above this kind of behavior. They’re a class act! I mean, they’re French! Imagine that–a couple of French guys acting like shitheads.

We’re gonna have to go through the whole record with a fine tooth comb to see if there’s any more evidence of malfeasance. We know you’re time is valuable, so you can follow along in our 6 minute edit of the album below. 



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