Don’t Wait Until You Get Your Money Right [STYLE GUIDE]


If you’re still waiting to buy a proper wallet, you’re doing it completely wrong. How are you supposed to get money if don’t even have a place to put it? Crunching up loose bills and jamming them into your front pocket will only take you so far, and eventually, you’re gonna have to grow up.

Your wallet should basically be an extension of your own style and aesthetic. If you don’t wear bright colors, it’s probably not wise to buy a tropical green wallet from Hot Topic. If you usually dress in understated colors and patterns, a simple, monochromatic joint is probably best for you. On the other hand, if you’re down for a little flair, an all-over print wallet might fit you better. It’s all about who you are.

We selected some of our favorite wallets off of Karmaloop so you can find the one that speaks to you. Don’t wait any longer–get your money right today.

1. Obey Healer Wallet

This wallet has a little something for everyone. The red paisley print is definitely on the bolder side, but the rich, brown leather inside gives it a more conservative feel. With 4 card slots and a see-through ID flap, you have nothing to worry about except filling it up.


2. Herschel Supply Hank Polka Dot Wallet

Polka dots aren’t for everyone, so this one is definitely something for the more adventurous. From the trustworthy Herschel Supply Co., this bi-fold wallet has a slim profile, guaranteeing that it won’t balloon in your back pocket.


3. Nixon Textured Wallet in Honey Brown

For our more sophisticated friends, we bring you this subdued, textured wallet. Nixon is known for their attention to detail and it’s evident here. Just take a look at the card slots: the slit corners ensure you will be able to access your cards easier than ever before. Need we say more?



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