Tech Boner: Dr. Dre Doesn’t Use Spotify, Launches Beats Music Platform Instead

Imagine being able to curate the music on your iPod based on how you were feeling at that very moment. As in, if you just got paid, you suddenly get to hear Pharrell’s “Happy” or if you’re about to get it on in the sheets, you are greeted with the sounds of some smooth Jodeci. Not too shabby, eh?

Beats Music is Dr. Dre and the Beats empire’s latest venture, foraying into the heavily-populated streaming audio game. Though Spotify is the clear champion in this realm, it seems that Beats is attempting to create a whole new lane with their ability to recommend music based on your mood. Beats Music’s slogan is “The First Music Service That Understands You,” and given how personal of a thing music is, we just had to cheat on Spotify to see how valid their claims were.

Honestly, we weren’t totally convinced (or even sure how the hell they’re going to be able to do this), but we were super interested to find out. We logged in (using our Twitter profile), and were immediately greeted with a “Just For You” section that had a decent selection of hip-hop that we are into, featuring some of our favorites like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. Scrolling to the right, we had an option to type some sentences about how we are feeling at the moment (we chose soulful and hungry) and were hipped to some choice songs from Stevie Wonder. Impressive.

Unfortunately, we started having problems with the app around this time, and didn’t get the full experience, but we’re not gonna lie, Beats Music is kinda cool. Download it from your App Store now and let us know what you think in the comments!

What could beat beats in some Beats?


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