Drake and Others Take Cue from Prince’s New Chappelle Cover Art


The internet flipped its shit today when Prince released the Chapelle-influenced cover art for his newest single, “Breakfast Can Wait.” Everyone had a good chuckle, but unbeknownst to us, Drake, Reba McEntire, and Justin Bieber all released their own spoof-album covers the very next day in hopes of cashing in on the hype.

No music has been released at this time, but their PR reps graced us with some descriptive write-ups.

Justin Bieber loves dogs.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE (August 20th, 2013) – California – Justin Bieber surprised everyone today with the announcement of his newest release, Puppy Love. The heart-warming 15-track pet project is an homage to his true life passion, the fight for animal rights.

It's hard to resist a kiss from Reba McEntire.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE (August 20th, 2013) – Tennessee – Reba McEntire teamed up with her long time collaborator Reba McEntire Jr. to release their first album as a team under the name Reba on Reba.  We expect a younger audience to embrace this new project, especially the Skrillex produced single, “Home’s Happening Now.”

Drake and Peejet in the SFTB video.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE (August 20th, 2013) – Toronto – PeeJet approached Drake about teaming up on a track a couple years ago when they first met, but Drake declined. Finally, we are proud to bring to you the first piece of album art from their upcoming project, the Hudson Mohawke-produced remix of Drake’s smash hit, “Started From The Bottom.”

We at GURU can’t wait to see what these artists have in store! This new Prince jam has us mad hopeful.

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