Drake Channels Wheelchair Jimmy As He Gets Ready To Host SNL This Weekend

It’s been years since Drake played “Wheelchair” Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, but those episodes might be finally paying off in a major way. Hand picked to both perform and host Saturday Night Live this weekend, Drake’s biggest moment on American television is upon us. From the preview above, Drake seems like a natural in front of the camera, coming a long way from his first few rap interviews in the game.

One of the reasons why Drizzy seems like so at home here might be because of his relationship with actor Jay Pharaoh. According to our creative director and big homie¬†@illusivemedia, Pharaoh used to be a DJ for a local radio station in Virginia where Drake used to visit often to write and record music. “Jay¬†actually auditioned for a casting for a local TV show at the Illusivemedia office. I was blown away by his impressions even back then; his Jay Z voice was uncanny,” beings @illusivemedia, “Jay and Drake know each other from their countless studio sessions in Virginia from back in the day.”

Well, there’s one new thing we learned today.

Drake is notorious for rocking BBC. Have you seen this BBC x Palladium collab joints?


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