Drake Gets Tattoo of his Father- From His MUGSHOT!


by Phillip Mancini

Tattoos are a huge part of the rap game these days, sometimes to a fault. Many become an integral part of the rapper’s identity, like Gucci Mane’s infamous ice cream cone and Tupac’s “THUG LIFE” across his stomach. Today on Instagram, Drake posted his newest ink by Dr. Woo of Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.  The new tattoo is a black and white portrait of his father, Dennis Graham.  That sounds nice, but it gets a little weird when you know the source of the photo- that’s right, it’s a mug shot!  Drake’s dad is certainly not the typical father.  He’s recorded songs with his superstar son, and definitely has on point swag for a dad.  He was featured in Drake’s  “Worst Behaivor” music video, where he lip-synched the intro and rocked an all over print button-up.  Drake’s mugshot dad tattoo will accompany the other family members on Drake’s back including his mother, uncle, and grandmother.  Fortunately, his grandmother’s portrait is not based on mugshot, although that would be one thuggin’ grandma.

What will be the next tattoo for @Champagnepapi?

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